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Hi everyone, i need some advice, my fiancee' is a great father to our 15 month old daughter, The only problem is he can't handle her crying. We have had my neice staying with for the past week and i had to take her to the shops tonight to buy something and when i got back he was standing at the front door waiting for us with our daughter going off his brain cause she was crying. I mean how was i suppose to know she was crying she was fast asleep when i left. He says he doesn't know what to do when she is crying, but is it really that hard, check her nappy. and she is teething at the moment with her eye teeth coming through so try some bonjella. I just don't know what to do about it, he wants me to get a part time job ( nights) but i don't think he can handle if she crys. Does anyone have any advice about what to do?
My DP can handle the crying, he is just dumbfounded as to what to do about it. I think this is mostly my fault, because i have always done everything for our baby. Whenever he says, Do you want me to do it? I say no, its ok. This really hit home with our eldest son in hospital last week, and then me coming down with the same virus, the baby wouldnt settle or anything for dad. We have realized how dependant he has become only on me for everything. So now we have decided to take everything in turns. One night DP feeds, bathes, dresses, settles him, the next night i do it. And im near by if its all too much.
Good luck, i dont really have any advice, maybe you could show him how you settle her down? It may have just been something as simple as a cuddle she was after.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

there was research done that showed that people's stress levels increase dramatically when they heard the sound of a crying baby even if it wasn't theirs. so its normal to feel that way and its good that they care so much. The only thing I can suggest is to teach him how to recognise the cries. My daughter's hunger cry is mmm my mm my and her tired cry is nnn nun ehh nun with pauses like she's waiting for a response, when she cries I say to DP did you hear how she said 'my' she's hungry. Also keep him really informed with where she's at when you leave her with him, you could write a list for him of what to do if she cries eg: cuddle, feed, change, favourite toy, walk around the house holding her, have a bath, take outside in the pram, go for a drive, put hi5 on and do a dance(lol). and he can just go down the list till she stops crying


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