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hi everyone. my daughter is almost 10months old.i am going away next week and will be going on a plane we need to get a light weight stroller but dont want to get a flimsy one but dont want to spend a fortune on it does anyone have any reveiws on any
thank you


I recommend the mcclaren. We've taken it on lots of planes, and it folds small enough to wheel bub right up to the plane in it, and then for the cabin crew to stow it. It's quite expensive compared to strollers, but in the context of "Prams", it's not too bad, and if it's your only one spending the money doesn't seem as bad (it's not like you've had to fork out twice for a good quality item) ...Maybe it's on special somewhere??? If not you may be able to borrow a stroller from a friend and wait till it does go on sale????

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

Hopefully this is in time. I have a valco aero, i can lift it with one hand and it folds up tiny, it has a small basket and detatchable hood, a carry strap, as well as higher handles than most, much easier on your back. It was $70 full price from myer.

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Don't know whether you've already been and bought a stroller, but we bought the Valco Titan stroller for our trip to the UK and it was fantastic. It survived 6 flights including to the UK and back to Australia and only cost about $130 from Snuggle Bug in Hallam. Our daughter fell asleep loads in it whilst on holiday and now prefers it to her Valco runabout!
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