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Musid downloads? Lock Rss

Just wondering what site people use to download music from? Ones for free that is too? Any suggestions, i did get one called imesh6, but didn't like them, so any help?

Kathryn mummy to William and PG with TWINS

Hi Kathryn
The one I use is called Limewire, we pay for a yearly subscription (about AUS $25 I think) & I find it pretty easy to use. You did ask for free ones but I dont know of any myself.

Hi Kathryn,
There used to be one called Kazza, but Im not sure if it is still running, as it is totally illegal to download music, and you can be prosecuted if caught doing so. I think that they have tried to close down most sites that you can get free music, or made them start charging for it.

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I use Morpheus, it's all free and they have a massive range of stuff, movies and all.

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i downloaded BLUBSTER its free but you can only download MP3's and it is kinda slow but if you can't find nething else and got an mp3 player than its worth a go

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