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Online Digital Photo printing.... Lock Rss


Not baby related - but does anyone get their digital photos printed out online??? There seem to be heaps of places that do it, but I have a heap to do - which I why I cant be bothered doing it at the machine like I usually do.... Can anyone recommend somewhere? I have had them done before online but I cant remember where, just that they were not very good quality!!! So thats no help....

Suz, NSW

I have a friend who uses Big W. Apparently you can email your photos and then you go pick them up (?) but it takes about a week.
I personally have only gone to Harvey Norman. I took a disc in and used the computer thingy but they got printed out on a big machine just like normal "old" photos. I got almost 100 done and it only took him ~15mins to do them all (excluding the delay taken while he had to refill the machine with water smile ). (29c each)
i like bigW. i've used them before. cheap and easy option for me.
I found this website they do a personalised caricature of your child. They even give you the file so you can print it off as many times as you like. I used mine on xmas present gifts last year. The service was also very quick. A bit of a unique idea, instead of the normal photo!
I use Love them smile Have great photo gifts too!

I have used Harvey Norman a few times and have had mixed results. The quality and colour has varied tremendously as have turnaround times. On one occassion, they took longer than their stated 10 days. I also had to collect one order in 3 different instalments which I was not happy about because they did not make it clear - I thought I was turning up to collect them all and only realised when I opened the pack that some were missing. I thought they'd lost some of my order but they just came at a later date and then others later again. I was far from impressed and definitely won't be using them again.

Something else you might find is, especially if you are printing enlargements and need to upload high res pics, is it takes forever to upload them online. Personally, I would go instore if it is at all convenient, unless you have plenty of time to kill at home.
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