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Trolley Toppler Lock Rss

Have been searching the internet on where I can pick up one of these, have seen a number of people with them in the shops. The product sits over the trolley seat and holds baby in and then goes over the handle, so that they cannot bite on the trolley. They look great and with my 7mth old now sitting in the trolley and putting everything in her mouth I think it would be great. Can anyone help with were I can pick one up and approximately how much they might be.

Thanks Nicola
Hi Nicola , We recently went to the Parents,Babies and Childrens Expo where they had a stand with these. They called it the Trolley Mate and they looked really good. I too saw them in the shopping centres with children in them but I never saw them in the shops.

They have a web site or a toll free number 1300558106. The pamphlet I have says the recommenced price is Standard $29.95 or deluxe $39.95 not sure what the difference is. Apparently when folded you can also use it as a pillow or you can even used it on the shopping centre change tables.

They say that independent research found shopping trolleys to contain E-Coli, Salmonella, Staph and other food bacteria!!!! Very scary in deed

I am so glad I grabbed this pamphlet or I would have been kicking myself right about now!

Let me know how you go, but I think they are a great idea.

This is my second post as the first one went to the moderators a few hours ago.

1300 558106

Good luck
Sorry Nicola I have replied two times, I tried to be tricky and posted another post thinking what are the odds both of them will not be approved. I guess there is a key word it doesnt like. Anyway an answer is on its way!
Hey Janine, thanks soooooooooo much for your reply. I have tried the web page, but cannot find anything, so I will try the toll free number tomorrow and hopefully that will get me somewhere.

Thanks again, I will keep you informed.

Hello Nicola they also list a fax number of
08 93441423 I think the 08 prefix is Western Australia but not positive. I hope you can find them. The pamphlet also states the company name is MCJ Australia which is proudly an Australian owned and operated Company.........blah blah blah. If you cant get onto them the Expo where they were also had a web site which may be able to help which is Good luck!
Thanks again.

Finally able to catch up via the phone and have one on order. Thanks for all your assistance.
For anyone that is interested these are FANTASTIC. I now have one and use it all the time. They sit in the trolley and bub sits on it and you fasten them in with the belt on the trolley as normal. Great for if you are concerned about germs etc. I now have all the information that you might require and am able to provide them to you.

If you would like further info either post a reply here or email me at [email protected], and I would be more than happy to discuss them with you.

Thanks Nicola
i just ordered a similar product from some ohter post can't even remeber what its called smile but I have a question what age did you guys stop putting bubs in the capsule part and then into the seat part?


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Thanks Nicola for letting me know you are happy with the cover. Did you find another web site for them??

Steph - by memory I think Caleb was around 6 months old. However if you read the seat on the baby capsule part it gives a weight limit. Caleb was over the limit and I found it a big squashy for him in there. Also as my husband the worry wart pointed out people put older children in the seats and he was afraid they may damage them or weaken them so we when went to use it, it might brake. I know the chances arent very high but he did have a good point. You will also find the seats have little velcro belts in them which I did up pretty snug. I just made sure I didnt push it to fast and just kept an eye on him for his balance etc. But we didnt have a problem...... I just wish we have one of these covers!!

Talk soon
Hey Steph my husband was at the shops this morning and sus 'd out the weight limit and its 9 kilos. Hope this helps.
Calebs mum your hubby is a star give him a hug for me

The seat thing i bought has extra padding and a belt thing to keep them upright a bit better Bennett is only about 71/2 kgs so i have a little while to go yet.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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