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Hi, is anyone else having issues with the new Huggins nappies? My 20mth old is waking up wet every morning...... It's driving me nuts!!
I've tried the next size & tried with a smaller & larger in the boys nappies (boy child) he sleeps on his back or side smile I never had the problem with the older style ones!
Hi I have a 2 yr old and the new Huggies seem to always leak.. Everytime he has a sleep and always overnight.. He's in Juniors so there are no bigger ones.. I'm just glad he will start Toilet training soon. .
Please rest assured that the absorbent performance of our nappies has not changed. Leakage may be occurring for a few different reasons, so please call our Australian Consumer Line on 1800 028 334 between 8am and 4pm AEST, Monday to Friday so we can help you out. Alternatively you can email us here.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know your feedback.

Huggies Moderators

PS: If you’re able to have the product name and barcode handy that will help us to help you quicker smile

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