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Grrrr... Lock Rss

OMG some people!!!! DS is having a birthday party on the 28th of this month and the RSVP was yesterday because I need to let the venue know numbers etc, anyway I am still waiting for 4 mums to get back to me. Seriously how hard is it to ring up and say yay or nay KWIM. Normally when my kids get invited I try to RSVP back the same day or the very next just to get it over and done with.

So.... what will I do if these mums call up next week, and say "oh sorry I forgot" should I say tough sh*t too late or be nice????


How annoying is it? I am up against this with every bday party. I always end up being nice and accepting all the crappy explanations but i would love to say NO UR TOO LATE! just once. people are so bloody inconsiderate. I think for your kids sake maybe just be nice and give them a call if they havnt rung.
lol, yep I would love to be a biatch and say NUP GET STUFFED but its not in my nature, I think I will give them over the weekend and ring my numbers through to the party place Monday arvo!!

LOL Tara, you're too nice! I would probably tell them to get stuffed..Nah-I wouldn't,but make sure you mention the fact they didn't rsvp! People p me off when they do that! I had to ring people to see if they were coming to our wedding! Grrrr!
I know mel, people are just bloody rude. OR maybe we are just too nice (hehehehehe)

Give Jack a big kiss from the terrible trio!


Jack says thanks! And gives some drool back, and says 'dadadadadad'. (He's just learnt to say it, and its all he says! LOL)
I had a large birthday party in September for my son's 6th birthday. Most parents RSVP'd, but there were about 10 who didn't.

About a week before the party, I sent a friendly reminder home to the ones that I hadn't heard from, I had one out of the 10 get back to me. There was no correspondence from the remaining 9 who got the invite and the reminder. It is plain rude! Fair enough, people cant come, it was Ramadan too, so some kids had to fast, so they told me that they weren't coming. But when You cant come, let the bl00dy host know!

And the nerve of some people!!! 2 of the 9 that I didn't respond to invite or reminder note actually bought their kids AND their siblings to their party. From the RSVP's that I had received, I thought I was having 40 kids coming, I ended up with 53.

some times they will turn up and just say infront of there mum lucky i made you a loollie bag cos i didnt know if you were DD had her birthday party this year one mum said he is coming on the day he didnt turn up cos she forgot grrrrr.everyone else came, but she invited twin girls and my DD ending up saying on the last day are you coming they said no we go to church.the mum didnt even ring me.good luck and i hope he has fun.
Its just downright rudeness or laziness, it is 7pm here and still nothing!! I swear there must be steam coming out of my ears lol

I know how annoying it can be, especially those that just can't be bothered RSVPing or think its ok just to turn up...but some of them could have seriously forgotten about it.
I have done it before (forgotten that is) and felt so bad about it because it was just a really bad week, I didn't check my diary and trust me I apologised greatly for it.
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