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just need to vent some frustration Lock Rss

Hi guys!! How are you all today? My neighbours across the road are trying to sell their house and as far as I am concerned ... it can't happen soon enough!! I just had a knock on the front door, and opened it to find the wife (of the partnership that are selling their house), standing on my front doorstep. Wondering what she was doing there, I very soon found out. We have 2 little dogs ... and when people walk past our house, or when the people across the street are outside their house, or when other animals are around, our dogs bark. Well she told me that her and her family are getting sick and tired of hearing our dogs barking. She also went on to say that when her dogs bark, she has the decency to yell at them to SHUT UP and perhaps I should do the same. Well I often hear her dogs barking, and I NEVER hear them being told to shut-up. If my dogs bark i do go outside and try to quiten them down, but if my son is asleep i don't yell at them, because my yelling is likely to wake him up. Anyway, I thought the woman was on her way after making her point, when she turned around and said 'yeh i always thought you were weird'!! WHAT THE??!! Now I am scared to leave my house because I don't want to come face-to-face with her or her family ever again! I brought my dogs inside for the time being, because I don't want her coming back to tell me off again!! What should I do ... I rang my partner at work and told him what happened!! I asked him to go over there when he gets home to say something to her because i felt she was not very nice to me when she came over ... he said he won't because there isn't anything he can say to her!! AARGH!!

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Hi Brandons mum,

How frustrating for you. Surely someone with dogs of their own should be more understanding to others dogs barking. I mean personally I don't like dogs barking alot either but I would never be so stupid as to be that horrible about it. My theory is that there's probably alot of people around who don't like my cat either so fair is fair.It's a very tricky situation and lucky for you they'll be gone soon. Sorry I can't come up with a solution for you.

twinboys & a princess

Hi Brandons Mum

Doesn't it just make your blood boil! I have a neighbour just like that across the road. I personally have not had any altercations with him but the other people in our street we are friendly with have!

That is SOOOOO rude and could have been avoided! She could have talked to you about it in a nice way instead of being so aggressive.

If it were me I would continue doing whatever I do normally and if she complained again I would tell her that she is moving soon anyway so what is the problem? I would also mention to her that her dogs aren't exactly quiet either and the day her dogs are quiet is the day yours will be too!!

Good luck and it sounds like a good thing that they will be moving on soon. I try to avoid conflict like that and if it were me I wouldn't want to leave my house either!


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