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Can you please vote for my baby boy Lock Rss

my bubba is in the top 20 in the pascoe pop art comp
Could you please vote?
He is second from the bottom on the left.
He is wearing a white shirt and it has a navy blue background

Thanks heaps

Will do once the page loads properly. I thought I recognised that bub smile] My little lizard is in the comp too- with her tongue poking out,lol.

Good luck

done. He is so cute.

I just voted for all the huggies bubs- hes a cutie!

Post deleted by administrator.

Good luck smile]
Done, good luck
Suzee - that is a GREAT photo!!
Thankyou to all the ladies that have voted so far

Hopefully a huggies bub will win this month
I've voted. Good luck. Will have to enter my dd next month.

i could vote for your photo had 217 votes so i voted then it went to 218 then it said i could vote again dont know why now you have 219 good luck.
[Edited on 11/11/2007]
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