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hi i keep leaving posts but no one replies im sorta new at this so are my topics boring or something i live in a small community so dont know many people so was hoping to find people on here to chat too? as i was recommended this site
Cheers hope someone out there!
hey there,
im sure they arent boring, this is the first one i have seen!!!
well welcome to hu**ies......
have you had a look at the communties thread? you might find someone near you...i havent as i live in the middle of nowhere too!!
just throw yourself in here!!!

I'm a newbie at this site too...but loving it so far! & yes it is becoming like a daily fix, very addictive.

Would love to chat.

Where in NSW do you live? I spent all my teenage years growing up in NSW, only moving when DP & I started to travel around Australia. Didn't make it very far - only to QLD & still here.

I can relate to small town syndrome. Before travelling I lived in a tiny town, my mum owned the general store. If I sneezed at one end of town my parents would say 'bless you' at the other end.

Till next time
Take Care

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

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