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Posted by: nome
IMO the car is MUCH worse!

I agree. I wouldn't be fighting about it with him, I'd be putting a stop to it! The amount of damage that's probably already been done! Looking at your sig your little one looks quite young!

I agree, i am a smoker and so is DF

But we do not smoke in the house, in the car or anywhere near Rydes for that matter, we ALWAYS wash our hands and i usually change my top (when convenient) before picking hi up if i have been smoking... Its awful to see mums smoking around their bubs, its not fair.

By the way Nooey... Any news your end?? smile]

im a smoker and so is my mum and we go outside to smoke and i always wash my hands after and put milton antibacterial on. the only time i do it when kaylas in the pram (as i do not have her facing me) but never holding her and smoking god thats made me upset to think that parents could expose there babies to that..

she might of as well of lit up one for the baby ! cant get much closer to 2nd hand smoke then that
i cant even do it while the kids are near me i cant do it when they are in the pram either.

I know denae its gross and soooo fuggin wrong isnt it

Totally agreed!

I can't stand people that do that... yuck!

poor bubba instead of having the yummy new born smell they would have had that yucky ash tray smell. yuck!

For all you mummy smoker's, did you smoke whilst preggy or take it up after baby was born?
quit wen i was 10weeks.... and then started again when she was 3 weeks old and i wasnt BF cos i dried up after a week
well i quit when i was pregs with DS but i still smoked when i was pregs with DD & i had so many problems that's why she was pram they had to induce me because my placenta stopped working because i was smoking i know very bad of me

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