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In a card for Mother's Day this year.

Yep, i caught the romantic bloke ladies, stop looking LMAO.

He thought it would be extra special being my 1st mothers day, and it only took him 9 years to get there! lol

Nothing overly romatic but sweet all the same. I was cooking tea and he went out to water the plants in the front garden. The doorbell rang and it was him saying he accidentally locked himself outside. He pointed to the plants in the garden and said 'the plants are staritng to flower', I looked and something shiny caught my eye, I went over to one of the busehs and it was a ring on the end.

A few days earlier he took me too lunch at my favourite chinese place, while waiting for the food toccok he said it ws hot and went outside knowing I would go straight to the jewellers window next door and show him the rings I liked. Little did I know he was actually paying attention this time. HE bought me the ring I told him I really liked.
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VictoriaMorris wrote:
When my husband hears the word romance, he thinks about the last row in the movie)) We very often went to the cinema before the wedding. Sometimes he brings tickets for an interesting film to make a surprise. I'm a little sorry that our baby is still too small for me to calmly leave him with the nanny. I love watching movies.

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