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Hello Everyone

My sil is pregnant (its their 1st child) anyway they live in darwin but I was talking to my brother last night saying to him don't go planning too many things with a new baby and he was saying no its okay we are going to go out every day

I can't figure out why it bothers me, its their life and they will soon discover its not as easy as looking after a dog and your lives change, (I get the impression that's what they think) of course its possible to go out I was just trying to let him know its not that easy

but why do I care so much after all its not really my business!



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I cant help you with why... but I am assuming ithas something to do with "sibling rivarly" well itdid with me and Im an only child LOL - go figure. I had a pretty hard time when BIL and his gf were preg - its easier now cos they had a girlso there isn't anycompetition and I guess ina way as I suspected MIL has her favourite so I just deal with that.....

I get abit weird when friends are preg and I couldn't think of anything worse than being preg and certainly dontwantanother child.

I think sometimes our heads just do silly things!!! LOL


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Hi Melly

Is it that your brother is deliberately trying to stir you up? Does he give the impression that 'no one can tell me how things will be'? My brother can do this, get me all stirred up and then let me know he's joking.

I think with giving of advise to those who you are close to is hard, in that you give advice you think is important and when they outright refuse to even look at it's merits it's a personal blow. (as opposed to strangers, where is they shrug it off it doesn't matter as much).

Be there for them, there's not much more you can do really.

You are mostly thinking about the child on the way more than them. They will figure it out but wont thankyou for the advice as of yet. They will learn the hard way. Its also easier for the male to think things wont change much remember.


Oh, i so needed to find this thread! my sil has just announced she's pregnant and i am so bothered by the fact that she keeps telling ME that the baby is just going to fit in!! After all - they do have a dog!! hahahaa!! argh!
I don't know why it bother's me either, however it is of great comfort to know that other's feel the same way!
I secretely can't wait to talk to her when her baby is about 10 weeks old - they are sleep deprived, at each others throats and then i will say ohhh...surely its not THAT hard (as she once said to me!!) isnt that awful!!!
good luck!

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