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OMG can i move towns? Rss

Victorian Police investigating a murder in Shepparton are searching a rubbish tip for human remains.

The 26-year-old man's dismembered body was found beside the road in Cosgrove, near Shepparton, last night.

Police divers are also searching an irrigation channel on a property at Lemnos, near Shepparton.

The man, identified as William Wood, had not been seen since early December. Police believe he was killed with a samurai sword the day after he went missing.

Christopher John Maddox, 26, appeared in the Magistrates Court in Shepparton this morning, charged with his murder.

His lawyer, Kate Martin, told the court Maddox was withdrawing from a cannabis addiction and has schizophrenia.

He was remanded in custody until his next court appearance in March

Two other men and a woman from Lemnos and Shepparton, have been charged with being accessories to murder and have been released on bail.

this happened where i live!! i know the guy that it happened to (he lived across from my mum) i so wanna skip town though. its scary. also that murder in 91 at tallygarropna happened near DP's Parents. we have had 2 pubs burn down and that many violent attackes its not funny. i know see how unsafe Shepparton is and really want to move now

Sorry, but that's Shep for you! It has always been a bit like that.
Come and move down where I am, in the last 3 years, we have had 4 murders within a 2 kilometre radius, 6 fatal accidents (and a fatal with a horse being killed), a few stabbing, and heaps of robberies and assaults... There have been 6 people killed on the train line (3 in 1 car and 3 separate people being hit crossing against the lights.

And the funny part of it all, if it wasn't on the news, we wouldn't know about it. We never hear anything, just ambulances, but we hear them all the time anyway!

It sounds awful but we love being here, we never see the bad stuff, and we have great neighbours and school community!
not quite this bad. i have lived here for years and so has DP and heaps of others and this is the most horrific thing to happen. i dont really want to expose my child to people like that if i cn help it

yep i agree with kate if somewhere has a bad reputation there is usually a good reason behind it

if i were you id deff be packing up and leaving that is waaaayyy too close to home imo not a place id be raising my kid which is why i left norlane (geelong)
i knew shepparton had a bad rep from the ppl i knew who lived there there whole lives
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gee kate what are you talking about?
shepp is a great town, it has so much going for it, the 'multicultral' town really blends together so well, this is just such a one off thing, im so surprised to hear this has happened!!


shepp is a bloody crap hole! when i moved here nearly 4 years ago, the town had a higher crime rate than melbourne!!! and it only has a population of approx 45thousand people!!
And dont forget about those COWS!!!
LMAO Carmen!! Who are you kidding! I have a lot of family there and have spent a fair bit of time there myself, my uncle was the Police Prosecutor there, and some of the stories... Well, lets just say that they aren't exactly wholesome.

You do realise bump n bub that a lot of crimes from there don't actually make the headlines because of who is involved? I don't think I need to name names, as it is pretty obvious!
all the ppl i knew who came from shepp were drug effed idiots which is why i left vic i had enough of it all (drugs) and couldnt afford anywhere on the other side of geelong

its 60,000. the guy that got killed lived at number 3 in my mums court. she is number 4. but there is a huge gap between the house. the murder was no doubt drug related as the guy made heaps of enemies. as my family lives in the middle of the worst part of shepparton because of government housing (we had no choice) i knew about the violence and the thefts and all that (the night club stabbing also being someone we know) but this has me freaked out being very close to somewhere i spend a lot of time, and my family living.
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I can sympathise. In the last 6 months we have had about 8 stabbings 4 shootings (one in which was across the road from our friends) the list goes on. I'm embarressed to say where we live cos u get judged by the suburb in which u live. People are rude all the time. I live on the outskirts of this suburb and i just tell people i come from the next suburb over which im two streets away from anyway. And yes its multicultral area.
People are soooo rude i dont shop in this sububrb, i dont like driving around in this suburb (as i am afraid some drug stuffed idieot is gonna hit my car and i will not be able to get any money out of them as nearly everyone in this place is on centerlink), and i defintly will not send my child to the local schools. I drive 30 mins out of my way to get him to another school. Everyone i know dosnt send thier kids to the local schools too. I feel like yelling out "WAKE UP U BUNCH OF DROPKICKS, STOP BEING BUMS AND MAKE SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOURSELFS.THE HARDCORE ATTITUDE MAKES U LOOK LIKE A BUM, ARE U NOT ASHAMED?"
no i dont live in the nt. lol. Think of the crapiest suburb in brissbane and thats where i live.

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