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Does anyone else feel like this? since we had a little girl just the last few months most days I feel like I am living a dream and I feel kind of numb!

I don't feel like this every day but some days I do! I love my children and my husband but I sometimes can't be bothered living my life

Is this normal?

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi Melis,

I have to say that on the face of it, your problem doesn't sound particularly "normal" to me.

If you mean by being "numb" and "can't be bothered living your life" that you are tired and generally lethargic and don't feel like doing anything then I would say that you are definitely not alone.

If however you mean that you have thoughts of chucking it all it (and I don't mean topping yourself or anything but also not excluding that line of thinking either) then I would suggest that you talk about what it is that bothers you. I would suggest (again, on the face of it and not knowing you or your situation) that thinking in a manner that leans toward this side of things is probably not a healthy situation. "Normal" is probably not a good word to use for things like this as it would suggest that few people experience it and I am certain that this is not the case.

Have you considered PND? Is your partner supportive and sensative to these kinds of things? (My DF tries to be supportive etc. but more often than he cares to admit he just doesn't "get it"...not for the lack of trying).

Even if you posted your thoughts and feelings here in the forum or wrote yourself a doesn't need to make sense or be rational and your thoughts and feelings don't need to be rationalised away or judged but if you are having particularly bad "down days" even if it isn't ALL the time, then perhaps talking about it to someone (anyone with a sympathetic/empathetic ear) may help you.

I'm sorry if I am way off base and am not able to offer you examples of my own experiences etc. but I hope that it helps in some way gasp)

Take care of yourself. Post and let me (us) know how you're going.
Maybe it is because you do the same thing day in day out? Do you get any 'you time'?

Hi Melis

I can't say whether it's normal or not.

I do remember (and I'm talking 7 years ago) being in what I called a 'fog'. Most days is was just putting one foot in front of the other and feeling as though there was no purpose to it all and some days it really felt ug. I too love my child, there seemed to be no 'excuse.' But i continued to feel like a shroud of fog hovered around me.

I can't remember when it lifted, definately when i returned to the world and went to uni part time.

You're not alone, my advice - confide in a friend who has children, do something for yourself - without children and with a goal - study or something.

best wishes. It will pass.
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