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24 days till Valentines Day Lock Rss

what are you going to do with ur DP,DF,DH?

what are you going to buy them... i cant think of anything.

our settlement for our first house we have bought is on the 14th feb so thats a great present..

I wont buy him anything ill give him a present in the bedroom, Very easy to do and dont have to pay for it lmao
we dont celebrate valentines day
Who cares.

It's 24 days til my baby turns 2.
Valentines Day, what this day you speak of?

I'm giving my DH something you can't buy in the shops,lol.

Just another day for us, wE Dont celebrate it really, although sometimes it is a nice excue to go out for tea!

otherwise a free pressie from me too lmao

3 Little Ones to Love.....

WELL Valentine's day is also my BIRTHDAY and WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!

So there has to be celebrations, LOLOL!!!! from everyone, ok??!! smile)))
i doubt ill be celebrating cos im single its good to hear actually that so many ppl dont bother cos i think its so over rated but maybe thats just cos im always single on valentines day!
Im buying hubby 2 watches 1 for evryday use that he can also wear diving and a dress 1 for when we go out.

Hopefully we will be able to have a few hours off the kids and go see a

LOL i hate valentines day, But i think poor DF hardly ever gets bedroom action so instead of wasting my money on crap i cant just bed him haha
I will be giving hubbie a full service...

Is OVER rude people

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