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Big boots in cars Lock Rss

Just taking a bit from another post (but no nasties in here please!!!!! LOL) what sort of vehicle do you drive, and do you find it addiquite(sry sp? Dette, help me out, your a teacher! wink ) for space? I have a 4 wheel drive, not as a "snob" thing, as I often get told by people, grrrr, but because we did do 4x4 driving BC, and will get back into it again soon, but when we bought it 3 years ago, we had a family in mind and wanted one for space. I come from the land of giants, and so does hubby, so we have got a Patrol, which gives us enough leg room to be comfortable. Hubby also plays a lot of sport, so usually there is all the teams softball gear in our car, along with the golf buggy, then we have to fit our "4x4" pram in as well. Oh and our girl too!!! I cant imagine all of this fitting into a sedan. Yes I know we could take the gear out, but it gets to be a hassle when the stuff gets used on average 5 times a week. God help us when number 2 comes along - might have to get a roof rack!

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Gemmagirl, I think the Dept of Child Welfare would be paying you a visit if you put baby no.2 on the roof rack.... wink

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If my hubby had his way we would have a big 4x4 and we live on the beach..but it is more for space that he would like it... I just dont think i could park the thing.. (he is thinking of a landcruiser) and he would really love to take it off road but wouldnt really have the time and i wouldnt take a baby off road.. (me personally)

But we just bought a brand new car and was tossing up between the magna's and the new forresters but space wise we bought the magna as the 4x4 pram wouldnt fit in the forrester and did in the magna with plenty of space (but we did also have an older manga at the time) and also two car seats wouldnt have fitted in the forrester..

We love the magna for the space but hubby still wants his 4x4 and get rid of his ute which obviously only fits our 2yo DD and also i will use the 4x4 as a shopping trolley as he calls it as we have heaps of scratches on the car now due to people not caring about other people car so he is trying to eliminate that.


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We've just bought a Territory Ghia, a seven seater. With the back 2 seats down it has a more than smile adequate smile (my spelling sucks Gemmagirl, i had to ask hubby!!) space, we can fit in the double pram, portacot and all the shopping without any trouble. It's a bit different with all 7 seats up though, but still has enough for the double pram and that's really all we worried about. By the time we need all 7 seats hopefully we will be able to down grade to a single pram!

Our second car is a 1980 Jag and has a huge boot as well, although we don't need it. I only ever use it to go to and from work.

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We had our commodore when we had 2+3, it fitted three convertible car seats, a twin pram and single stroller plus food shopping, however we have very compact prams. I figure it's cheaper to downsize your equipment than buy a huge car.
When i fell pregnant with no4 we ended up buying an old nissan patrol 4wd, we went for a 1990 model so we could buy cash and didn't care if the kids rode their bikes into it! Also got gas, side steps, bull bar etc with it. And yes we do take it bush! We found that with needing room for 3 car seats and a booster we were very limited, and people movers are pretty crappy, they're very expensive and designed for adults, not families. Also the patrol is cheap to run, cost us under $300 to drive from melb to cairns a month ago ( i love gas!). Definitely not a luxury car, but very practical and economical.

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we have a toyota camry 1999 model its got a great size boot fits a stroller, highchairand bags etc for a family of 5 for a weeks holiday

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