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I am interested in entering my little boy in some FUN competitions ie: cutest smile etc. Nothing to full on. I would appreciate any places to go for information. I believe some shopping centres have them.


Suggest you try the Bonnie Babes Foundation. They run a competition each year. There is a small entry fee but it all goes towards supporting parents who lose babies due to miscarriage and cot death so a very worthwhile cause!

Good luck.

I went to one recently at a shopping centre for a bit of fun, unfortunately it was poorly organised far too many people and pushing and shoving of prams parents etc... I dont think I would like to attend one ever again, I didn't even stay till the end. Some Mothers take them very seriously even when babies are stressed out due to hunger or tiredness they dont care, as long as they get that trophy or ribbon, and as for manners forget it ! One woman pushed my pram out of her way whilst my baby was in it! rather than saying excuse me, I wasen't impressed.
I don't want to put myself or my child through that stress.

If you find one that is organised well perhaps it would be fun, I hope you have a better experience than what I did, good luck.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hi, i've entered James in a 2 baby comps, and while he got 3 place for his age group and cutest smile both times , i left feeling a little bad about the whole thing.

They are mostly babdy organized, and and antother mum has mentioned there are a lot of people out there who take it really seriously and enter their child in every section AND change them into different clothes for each one!

I also felt bad because here i was tring to explain to a judge why my then 7 month old son wasnt really being his charming self, i mean he'd only missed his morning nap, had to wait around in a crowed shopping centre stuck in his pram for the last hour and a half, then have 2 minutes to turn on the charm.

I must admit i did get a thrill when he won trophies and i felt very proud, even though i was sure he was by far more deserving of 1st prize!

If you still want to do it and you might as well check you local paper or the monthly listing in the Brisbane Child or the ...child magazine for whatever state you live in.You and find them (the magazine)at most places mums go eg playcentres, child health.

I hope you let us know how you go if you decide to enter a comp.

marianne, Qld , mum cheeky monkey 14months

Thanks everyone for the advice. I must say it has made me have second thoughts. I really dont want to be around pushy people especially for what was to be some fun.

What about talent agencies, can anyone recommend a good one, and have they received any work from these?
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