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im looking into doing a uni course to do with nursing and midwifery. I was wondering if anybody else doing this and if so would you be able to tell me what the work load is like and how you cope with doing this and having a little one?


I'm in week 4 of doing Bachelor of Nursing fulltime (externally). So far things have been good, doing all of the required reading from texts seems to take up most of my time with my studying, but I really enjoy doing it! This is a 3 year full time course, then I'll apply to do the 1.5 years fulltime midwifery degree. As far as I know, you need to be a registered nurse to do a midwifery degree (in QLD anyway), because I looked at trying to combine my degrees, but midwifery is a post-graduate degree, IYKWIM? My mornings are a rush nowadays, just so I can get the whole house done and organised, that way, when the kids are having a nap, I can do uni without too many other distractions.
Hope that helps, and good luck!

how do u do it externally? through who? and such like that as i really want to be a midwife as well, but i dont know if i want to take up leaving zac for long periods of time while im off studying yet, as he is not even one yet

im doing my bachelor of nursing, im in my 4th year, its only a 3 year course but i put off my placements as i was pregnant... im due to graduate in Nov... I do the course externally which i would say is easier with kids only because you dont have to go to uni, organise child care etc... but with that said you have to make sure you have enough time at home to study.
i will be hopefully doing my midwifery next year, in SA now i think you have to be a working RN to be able to do it...
I love my course, so glad it is finishing though, the pracs are the hard part, i will be doing a 4 week placement where i basically have to work 5 days a week 40 hours no pay obviously, so itll be tough seeing as bub will have to go into care sad but itll be ok hopefully...
the workload honestly, its not too bad, the readings will take up a fair amount of time, but you cant fit those in around naps feeds... there isnt a huge overload of assignments either, but sometimes they do all come at once from different subjects so it can be a little stressful... if your too worried you could always consider going part time for the first year or so because im pretty sure i know a few people who changed to full time half way, or even the other way around, (started fulltime was too much so went part time)

good luck with it all,
its a fun course im sure you would love it


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Thanks for your replies. I would do the course externally and going by what you have just said i will do it part time. So you start the course by doing bachelor of nursing and then that qualifies you to do midwifery?

I didnt want to start and then realise the work load would be too much! it sounds as though i could fit it into my routine if i did it part time.
I was also wondering if anyone knows about the workplacement. through the whole course how much time work placement do you have to do and can you chose where you go? Just wondering because i would prefer to go to the country where my parents or inlaws could look after Cooper rather then put him in childcare.
thanks heaps!


God, that sounds like a handful! Wouldn't your uni let you do your course externally?


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hehe - havent seen you in here for awhile fee!! midwifery would suit you so much!

Hi there!

I am doing Midwifery externally. I live in QLD and know that here you have to do nursing first but in through UNISA (Adelaide) you can actually do Midwifery as a degree on its own.
The only real issue for me is going to Adelaide for the workshops and finding someone to look after dd's for the three days, but these usually are only once a year.

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I'm not doing nursing but i do education externally through the University of New England (armidale nsw). Id have a look and see if they offer nursing externally. They have more external students than internal ones and have been really flexible. I would recommend them to anyone.

As for getting the work done. Its amazing what you can do when motivated but just be prepared for some late nights! I find I can't even really attempt to do anything while DD is awake so its best to just leave it till she's asleep.

Good luck!


I'm doing my course through CQU in Qld. To do the prac side of things, there are residential schools, plus clinical placements. I need to travel to Noosa for a 7 day res school next month, and will have another one later in the year, then I will have to do clinical placements during term two. Clinicals are 2 days a week, and go for 10 weeks (I think??) CQU are pretty accommodating with trying to find placements in a hospital close to you. They told me it just depends on the hospital you want to be placed at, and most hospitals don't mind having an extra pair of hands (even if they're not that experienced!)
I'm really loving the course so far. If you have a really good routine with the kids, you should be able to find somewhere to squeeze in a bit of uni work. I would be lost without our routine!!

I heard there was a course that you could go straight into midwifery as well, but couldnt find it so assumed that there wasnt. I'll go back and have a better look.


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