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Meh ... Dirt Smirt Lock Rss

I really dont mind, The kids can get as dirty as they like at home, But if we are going to the shop or out somewhere I make sure they are in clean clothes with washed faces. They usually come home dirty! LOL! But as long as when we leave the house they are clean!! LOL
rhylie has soooo many stained clothes for playing and eating. who cares, they are just clothes, and as long as he is having fun then that is all that matters. we went to hogs breathe the other night i just took extra clothes cuz i knew it would get messy. and sure enough it did. going to try and get some play dough today cuz i made some and rhylie hates the feel of it, so will try again lol. messy games are so much more fun!!
I love the fact that my boys would rather spend hours in the backyard, and getting dirty than in front of the TV.
When it is time to come in, we get them to strip off in the laundry (which is where the back door is) and run around to the bathroom in the nudie for a quick bath.

I would much rather them learning and discovering, and getting exercise, then being stuck inside all the time.
DD loves the dirt, or anything that makes a mess for that matter.

I don't care thats why I have a bath and washing machine.
I also buy DD at home clothes from ebay, markets or op shops so I don't care how dirty or stained they get.

We often go to the park for mothers group and one mum there won't let her little one out of the pram because he will get dirty, poor little man

I will freely admit that until Mason was around a year he really did'nt get very mucky very often. But now he's into everything and I love him outside getting dirty and being a boy. Even when my sister lets him play with horse manure!!! ack I can be a bit of a germ-a-phobe - probably why we get sick every few months.
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