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eBAY users? Lock Rss


I am new to eBAY and just got outbid for an item by .50c because my bloody internet connection died with 2 mins left and wouldn't reconnect.

I am just wondering if it is common for people to wait until the very last minute to place a higher bid than you so that you don't have time to bid higher?
If so then thats not very fair!

I understand that you can put in a higher maximum price but I had been watching it all night and obvisely this person just waited until there was 1 min left

yeah thats happened to me several times. i think its a pretty low act. i missed out on some great baby items because of some idiot that did that to me.
Hi Gizmo,
Yeah, lots of people do that! I have had to turn into one of them on something that I want, as often I have been outbid at the last minute. I have also found that sometimes you may get the item a bit cheaper that way.
I usually watch the item I have bid on - I have always placed a bid earlier, not just left it till the last minute to show interest, and then put in my maximum bid with 30 seconds to spare. That way, if someone else else does the same by only 50 cents, then I am more likely to get the item. If someone else goes higher than my maximum in the dying seconds then at least I don't con myself that another $1 wont break me! Otherwise I would end up spending more than I wanted to!!
So if I want an item that is going for $5, I will put in a bid for $10, then if I would be happy to pay $20 for it I put in that bid when there is about 45 seconds to go. I may get it for $5.50, or maybe $15, or I might miss out all together, but at least I know I haven't spent more than I said I would.
Unfortunate that it is how you have to do it, but sometimes you have to go with it.
Good luck in your future bidding, be careful, its ebay and this site that have me on the computer most the time!!!

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Hi I don't use ebay but my hubby does and we used to look for stuff off ebay for our baby... the first time we were outbid by $1 at the last second...

the second time it was for a pram and we won the bid by a very little margin and it was a real bargain, unfortunately the seller did not want to have anything to do with us. My hubby emailed the guy several times regarding the sale but he would never respond even though he had responded to questions before the bidding ended.

My hubby then called the guy's mobile to pretend to ask if the pram had been sold off ebay and for how much, and the guy had the nerve to say he sold it through the newspaper, and the price he said was the same as what the pram costed at the shops! After that I lost the interest to bid on ebay again because I felt there was no point to bid for a bargain. Has anyone had this happen to them? The guy was not a regular on ebay so it didn't matter that we gave him a bad review.

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