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what age did your babies start crawling?
My DD was 4 1/2 months yet a friends daughter was 8 months.... It varies from child to child..... DS is 5 months and only just rolling over now....
[Edited on 03/06/2008]
[Edited on 03/06/2008]

#1 7.5 months
#2 6 months & 5 days
My eldest crawled at around 5.5 months but my other two haven't crawled (they slide arond on their bums) at around the same age. I think it is because we have wood floors now that the two little ones dont crawl because it hurts their knees.

It varies alot between babies.
ds started at about 8 months

i''''m baking a baby

DD1 was 6 months old, but DD2 is now 7 months old and isn't any where near being able to crawl (not that I mind lol).

Is Ashlee starting to crawl?

DD1 started crawling at 14 months she walked first at 13 months
DD2 started crawling at 5 months

DS3 started crawling at 7 1/2 months old

My dd was 7 months when she started to caterpiller crawl and then when she was 9 months, finally figured how to crawl properly!! I guess she was happy dragging herself around till then!!

no not yet. she is almost 6 months old and when she is lying on her belly she has just started to really lift herself up with her arms and try to pull her bum up in the air. she is quite a way off crawling yet i think. she still only rolls in one direction and still can't get back onto her back from her stomach the poor little thing LOL
Rydes was about 7.5 months

Connor commando crawled at around 9 months. Didn't start properly crawling until about 10.5 months old because he couldn't sit properly yet either. He was a bit delayed, think it may have been due to muscle tone as DF had low-muscle tone growing up. Either that or he just didn't have the motivation as he is a very laid back little boy.

the week he turned 6 mths

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