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Paediatric Surgeons in Wollongong Rss


Just wondering if anyone knows of a Paediatric Surgeon who will still perform circumcisions on the Wollongong Area.

We had our first DS done when he was little but the surgeon only works out of the Sydney Childrens Hospital now

i cant find any info on any doctor who will still perfom this in my area

can anyone help????

hi how ru?im from wollongong 2, well figtree and we had to travel as we couldnt find any1 down here i am going to early child centre in half hour ill ask 4u they seem to know alot

thanks for that ive got an antenatal appt in 2 weeks but i just hate the looks the midwives give you when they dont agree with this i thought id pop on here instead

ive googled and rang wollongong hospital all i got was a name at Illawarra Medical services - Dr Vernan Delacruz but ive been calling the number all day and no-one answers

yeah i kept getting names and numbers but every1 had either left wollongong or wasnt doing it anymore...the lady i see is really nice so ill c what she knows im going offline shortly but ill pm u when i get back smile
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