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Is it safe to bring a 2 y/o to ski? Lock Rss


I am seeking for some advice as to whether I should bring my 2 y/o to the snowy mountain. My hubby is worried that the child may be ill due to the cold weather.

Does anyone else have similar experience/tips to share?

[Edited on 25/07/2008]
if they are dressed appropriately, there is no problem. We have seen children that look 2 skiing on there own. No problem!! We took Jack for the day last week, he is 18mths, he is fine......

You'll be right, have fun!

I took my 4.5yr old and 2.5yr old to the snow last year. Cold, but they loved it. Hired ski suits and boots, and beanies and snow goggles and mittens, all no worries. Tobbogoning all the way.
I don't think you can get sick from cold weather but we were living in a very cold country and ds loved the snow. You could both take turns skiing and looking after your 2yo and there are usually activities for kids as well.
Hire warm snow clothes and they will be fine..they will have a ball...its always fun to see tiny kids on skis...usually doing better than their parents!

Just rug 'em up real nice and warm they'll be right!
We took our then 11mth old and 32 mth old to the Austrian ski slopes with us. Also took them on a 5klm tobaggon run, they loved it!
My DH was on skiis at 2yrs of age, We put Nik into a class, but he did't want to have a goo, he was having too much fun just digging in the snow.
We took along shovels and buckets etc.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

They will LOVE it!

Like everyone else said, rug them up and make sure you have a snowsuit or waterproof outer layer. No matter how warmly they are rugged up, if they get wet they will freeze!

Have a great time!

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