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Ok VERY long story but Ill give the short version.

Df had a relationship prior to us meeting which was quite brief approx 4 mths. The girl would go out leaving Df with her young son, come home and shower before even picking up her son for a cuddle. The broke up after she hit her son in front of Df.

Fast forward and she tells him she is 5mths pregnant but its not his. Then the story is it is his. We meet in the middle of all this and I fall rather quickly with Moo. The child is born and its a girl. She demands $$ off him to see the baby and tells him she is definately his daughter. He asks for DNA she refuses.

DHS intervene and remove the children from her care. We offer to take the child and then back out after hearing rumours that the child has Hepatitis C (since told this is untrue) I give birth to Moo soon after.

A mth passes and we see the ex and her mother at the shops and ask for a DNA test. Again nothing is done. We ask DHS about it and they say that the mother has to agree to it.

We get mouthed at and dirty looks everytime we see the ex or anyone associated with her.

Fast forward to November 07 and the ex gets hold of my msn addy and has a heated conversation with me. I again ask for DNA and she tells me she has done her part but still now 10mths later NOTHING.

Today we run into the Aunt of the alledged daughter and she mouths off and again we ask for the DNA test to be done. She claims that the child is identical to DF and thats how she knows he is the father. Funnily enough there are similarites but the child is almost identical to her siblings so are they saying DF fathered them all??

The child will be 4 in June 09 and to me that tells me that the mother knows the DNA will come back Negative.

Im just over it all and nothing short of kidnapping the child to have her dna tested will solve this issue which by the way we do not plan on doing. Im just so frustrated and at my wits end.
your DF can get a court order for a DNA test & she will be made to do one,

good luck with it all

Thats the kinda story that you would hear on Jerry Springer which sucks!

I don't really know what you can do about it as obviously they are the kinda people who are happy to spend their lives abusing people and not care.

I would say next time you see one of them and they say something to tell them they either get the DNA test done or never talk to you again...but I know that wouldn't work.

Maybe get an intervention order so none of them can contact or talk to you.

Um...with our grand plans involving babies from the playcentre (if you remember) I'm sure kidnapping the child would be easy...but yeh I don't suggest it.

((GBH)) I hope you sort something out

P.S I am not a stalker
you can get a DNA test done through courts. all that you need is to see a lawyer mention you believe the child is DFs and they will serve an order to get it done. if its positive you pay if negative she pays.... easy enough?

Yep I agree with the Court Order post!
I was just thinking that while I was getting A up...would've saved me from writing a heap of crap if I had've thought if it 5 mins earlier
Yeah see we spoke to a lawyer about it and even with a court order she doesnt have to have it done. Cos he isnt paying child support as there is no evidence the child is his she can just say no which sucks. Also if we get the court order we have to pay the $900 whereas if she asks for it they go halves unless he is proven to not be the father. Its sucks especially with all the underhanded crap the mother is pulling.

I forgot who mentioned it I think it was Kel but I have a written convo with her asking for the dna to be done otherwise let it be and when she is 16 she can come look for her dad and if she is his they can sort it out then. I know thats the saddest option but as it stands the attacks ect are not fair on any of the kids involved.
bribery lol ..... joke joke.... really if thats the case there is nothing that can be done. just find ways to get her to agree...

If she truly believed the child was your Dp, then she would do it, so i think she is hiding something KWIM

Sounds fishy
How frustrating. What does she want? Has she asked for money or does she want him to be a part of their lifes?

No idea what she wants. As it stands she has the power I guess cos there is no answer. Everything is up in the air. She is a manipulator and we are powerless to everything because as I said she has to agree to the DNA test.

If she has the test and the child is not DF she has nothing on us anymore hence why we want it done. We want the whole saga to end because YUP it is exactlly like something you would see on Jerry Springer lmao
so sorry, I didn't realise she was still carrying on.
Like I said back then, she looks nothing like DF.
The fact that she wont have a test says more than words. Her lies have caught up with her.
She needs to leave you alone!!!!!!!

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Only thing i can think of is his name on the Birth Certificate? As if it is she is admitting she believes him to be the father so surely a lawyer could get DNA test from this?

Is there a search you can do on Births Deaths and Mariages that may bring up the certificate? Or can your DF ring them and request copy if his name is on it?

Sorry not much help but worth a thought???


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