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  5. well i cant make 2 posts on the same page have the same title

well i cant make 2 posts on the same page have the same title Lock Rss

but anyone miss me???

i missed this forum a little bit but have promised myself not to spend so much time on here...

its weird there have been so many thoughts or questions i have wanted to share or ask but i just didnt bother and the majority of you are probably happy about that LOL

Thanks to everyone who was giving me advice about dealing with the challenging behaviour of my son things are really improving!

so how is everyone????????????????

(oh yea in case u didnt pick it up im proudmumma2munchkins name changed back to original)

I missed you. how are you?
hey Tina....
might have missed you just a
ooo YAY 2 people missed me!!!!!!!

Leish how is bub comeing along???
how long do you have now?
got any names picked out???

Tony aww how sweet u missed me maybe just a little lol
u need a new pic i wanna see your lil man grown up!

i thought the pm might have given me

i keep changing my sig but haven't put up a new pic of zander in a while.... yours could do with an update too....
i'll see what i can find.....

how are you and the kiddies??
should i use this one??
i will do an update of mine now
they are both gorwing WAY to quick!!
Lil miss is already trying to crawl, not quite 6 months
and mr Isak is getting very cheeky lol he is mr attitude HAHA takes after his mumma LOL

how old is Zander now??

wow they are growing fast....

zander is now 8 months.... he gets into

i put a new pic in my sig but it's not coming up....
i'll figure it out....
awww what a handsome little man!

yeah.... can you tell he likes to stick everything and anything in his
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