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Is anyone playing it online?

I've won 2 things, one is an emotion thingy which you can download and use on your ninemsn messenger and the other was an ipod usb speaker but I don't even have an ipod.

Do you reckon its rigged, I can never get the $1000 cash!

what game is this, ive heard lots bout it, but dont know anything about it... lol


and its like one of those chocolate machines where the claw comes down and scopes up choccies and then moves and drops them down a shute (kwim?).

Its like that but you sign in to your ninemsn messager, and then click on a friend to play with (though they don't do anything, they just have to be signed in) and then you have a go at trying to pick up a jar with a prize in it and then nothing, you rarely get anything. Then you have to wait for you to be able to play with that friend again. Its nuts, but... I'm addicted!

at least u actually won a real priza gasp all i have won was credits grrr!! I never ever win anything ever lol on anything haha
True I know. I don't think the emotion thing is a real prize though is it? It won't download for me anyway as I don't have the right messenger running at the moment. And the ipod thing, I guess it can go on ebay.

Whats the deal with those credits? What are they for? Are you finding it easy Tanny19?

my eyes hurt lol
Was it worth it, have you won anything?

Anyone who wants my email address so the get an extra go and more credits, let me know

only tokens but i just hit the xbox 360 right bang in the middle and it still dropped it... starting to think its dodgy!
yeah, i've had both prongs on $1000 and it shakes so one lets go and then when its starts to go to the shute it falls back. definitely rigged!


Ive just playing yesterday. Not sure if its rigged or not. But if anyone wants to add me so we have more friends feel free!!

Thanks Sam


thanks Samantha,

mine is

Though if anyone I don't know tries to add me to their facebook, I'll decline! LOL I hate that when i don't know someone - only cause my facebook has personal info!

Good luck, lets win something!

PS I just tried to add two people and I don't think it worked???

I posted about this the other day and no one responded so I thought I was imagining it lol smile

Def rigged! My kids have been playing with me (my mums logs on so they can play)

Can I add you guys too.....very lame I only have my mum online ha ha

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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