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Showing off my bump Lock Rss

Made a new sig this morning, so I am showing it off. I know you can all see it in my previous posts but Meh!!!

6 weeks to go.....

woo hoo dee

is that another girl in there?
lol that's what I am betting on Tam.

Hold on a sec Dee there not your PJ's!!! LOL

Seems like yesterday you said your were expecting, time flys!! Cool bump though!


hehe yes they are...they are my new pyjamas!!! I think I have a pyjama fetish,lol.

naaawww so little dee, i cant beleive how fast its gone.
Little??? lol I feel like a whale!!! I think the camera is being kind. Here's hoping the next 6 weeks roll on quickly....I am getting excited thinking about meeting this little person inside me.

Wow Dee so close!!!!

Nice Bump too by the way.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

a beautiful bump for a beautiful lady !!!
Awww ta F,lol. Now take back that pledge you just made so you can show off some baby bump pics in here one day soon!!!

Dee your belly is soooooooooooooooo cute.... Bub seems quite high??? I mean right up under your ribs now ( when I was preggers with Taylah I used to think she put her feet between my ribs and pulled down she was that high!!) so I am with BOB I am thinking Diva but heart is thinking blue for you too.......

I can confirm bub is well and truely up near my ribs,lol.. I push the little bugger down out of there all the time. I think diva too...

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