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My husband and I have the A70 the model down from the A75. I think that they are pretty much exactly the same except a few buttons are different. We have taken thousands of pictures with our camera and of course you get the ones that are not what you wanted but you get the odd one or two that are just perfect. I have put many of them in a frame and even blown some up to 8x10 and noticed hardly any noise or grainyness in the picture. With our A70 we can also take movies of the kids. Its alot easier to pull out a camera then the video camera. We also got ean extended warranties for our camera just incase somethig happens to it.

This might be a little late now and you have already bought one but if not then I think that the A70 is a good camera to buy
I'm in Geelong and most places class us as country, not sure where you are though. You can order them online too at some places then pick them up later. I was told the more you get at Rabbit the cheaper it becomes until you get to 59c each. Big W sounds goo but its 1/2 hr away from us, rabbit's only 10 minutes.

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Hi michelle,
If you have a Dick Smith Power House store near you they are the best by far. JB Hi-Fi are good too but they don't know as much about the cameras as dick smith so good luck!!

I also live in geelong and I get all my photos printed at Jim Greens Pharmacy in Myers st, from knowledge they are 69cents each but each moth they have specials for the whole month and just 2 months ago they were 29cents a print unlimited, either from disk or card or stick. I can usually get them done within 20mins so no need to wait around.

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Thanks to all for your advice. We ended up buying the Canon Powershot A75 with 3.2 mp's. Got a really good deal from Ted's Camera Shop and the (female) sales assistant was really really helpful; she spent about 45 minutes with us, even though there were lots of other customers waiting!! We got it for a great price; the cheapest I've seen for that model & got a bonus battery charger and a deal where you get 10 free prints a month..for ever!!
I've worked out how to use the camera; it's pretty straighforward..and the pictures look great on the LCD screen. Haven't printed any off yet, or had any developed so we're still waiting to assess the quality of the actual shots.
We haven't loaded the software onto the computer yet. It looks like a scary job for us...but I've been assured that it's pretty straightforward. (As I said earlier, my hubby and I don't know much about computers / technology).
Thanks Mandy,
I didn'r realise you were so close. I don't make it into town much as we're in Lara so I tend to go to Corio Village. I liked the idea of 29c each though. Could you let me know when they are that price again. You can email me on I check my email almost daily.
Now that I think about it my doctor is at that Jim Green's in the new clinic at the back.

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Have you checked out the new chemist warehouse for nappies, they seemed very reasonable. I'm going to give them a look today as I'll be in town. I need to find a place that sells sudocrem cheaper than supermarket.

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