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Security screens - do you or dont u??! Rss

Random question - but for those who have security screens on your house, do you leave your windows open at night and when you go out, or do you shut them up?

Im a little paranoid, as DF car got broken into last week while parked in the driveway. Not sure how safe and secure standard security screens are. DF keeps telling me that their pretty easy to get into????????

So, what do you do

Windows closed and LOCKED when we are out and asleep. I used to leave them partially open with a piece of wood behind the windows (slide across ones) so they couldnt be opened any further.
We have security screens

I am a bit paranoid too, I leave the downstairs windows closed at night

The upstairs ones in the bedrooms I leave open in summer tho to get the breeze
We have security screens, feel pretty safe having the windows open, our area isn't too bad. hope I haven't jinxed myself.

We have security screens and doors throughout our whole house and in summer we leave the front door open (the screen is locked of course) and we also leave our bedroom window open. Last summer we left DS room window open and then closed it when we went to sleep and turned the air con off, otherwise just shutting the door causes like a blocked vacuum. I feel safe leaving the doors and windows open, we live in a nice street and have never had any problems, if I have the air con on and I need to go to the shop I will leave the front door open and just lock the security door.

i do the same
Pretty much the same thing for me. We have security screens all over the house and we just leave the windows open even at night. The screens serve their purpose very well for securing my kids and us too while we sleep. Also, security screens help us save money on airconditioning bills. We enjoy continuous airflow day and night, especially during summer.
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