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where can i buy Lock Rss

One of those fit ball things to sit on? And any idea of how much they cost?

i''''m baking a baby

maybe big w? or a fitness shop place thingy?

Taget,Kmart any sport shop. I brought one when they first came out and it was $60 but i have seen them for about 20 at Target i think. HTH


Thanks ladies. I'll have a look in kmart ortarget today,

Got to get this bub turned around!

i''''m baking a baby

I brought mine from a physio.

I got mine from Priceline/price attack for about $15-$20 and it came with a skipping rope.

Thanks again ladies.

I don;t want to spend big $$ on it as it wil not use it after bubs is born.

These have been great ideas and will check them out.

i''''m baking a baby

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