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I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! Lock Rss

Today is my tenth wedding anniversary! DH has just presented me with a Tiffany box and in it is a beautiful Tiffany bangle! How lucky am I! Happy anniversary DH.
[Edited on 07/11/2008]

That is a great present, it sounds like you have a wonderful man there. Have a great day with him!

Thank you! We are taking the kids to my parents today for a two night sleepover so have a child free weekend. A mini honeymoon!

Oooooh I love Tiffany's.

Honey, if you DH gave you a pretty blue box from Tiffany's, you'll have to do better than a thread on Huggies for him hehehe

Enjoy your special time in peace!

OOhhh nice!!

happy Anniversary!!
has he got a brother ??? lol lol lo lol

Happy annerversary love ..have a great weekend !!
OMG, you really are lucky... have a lovely weekend. What a nice fella you have!
Thanks everyone for your wishes. He is a wonderful DH. I plan on giving him a lovely weekend wink

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