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I really like Claddagh rings and read on an Irish culture website that it was considered extreme bad luck to buy yourself a Claddagh ring.

DH is never one to buy me gifts EVER even if I show him exactly what things I like, he will just give me money and say buy whatever you like, so if I brought one it would still feel as though I brought it.

What I was wandering is (and I hate to be superstitious), is this really considered bad luck or have I been misinformed. Also, is it only cosidered bad luck to buy a Claddagh RING or is it any jewellery with the claddagh? I saw a really nice bangle that I liked and would probably pass on to my DD one day, but feel a bit paranoid LOL.

Thanks in advance for any help grin
i may be thinking of the wrong thing but aren't they tradtionally givrn from the parent to the daughter??

not something i would buy for myself as i find the intrigue in their sentimental value
Like I said I want to pass it on to DD one day, but she is 4 and it would be too big for her now, so I thought that maybe I would wear it for a while to maybe give it a bit of sentimental value for her.

And I could never hint to my mum as she would never be able to afford the one I was looking at and I could never ask for something like that anyway IYKWIM.
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