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bond money - what would u do Rss

just a question we have found a rental and all is going well until now sad we cant come up with a bond... and i dont know what to do... cos we have sold our house for a loss we just are at the end sad i thought our daycare money was due back this week (the 50% rebate) but i was told processing starts today and might not get it for another week or two! anyways any idea ppl?? please? im considering asking my work for a wage in advance (we get paid fortnightly) i just feel so god damn greedy about it.. sorry to vent i just dont know what to do sad

you can go to you local government housing office apply for a bond loan through them.
Do you have close family or friends who would be able to temporarily lend you the money until the money you are waiting on comes through??? Good Luck and I hope it all works out for you xx
mm great idea but we have a rental in melb (we r in perth) which we stay fork out alot of money for anyways to get a bond thro them (this is what i red off the net) u have to own no more then 5000 in assets :'( but thats what i red off the net not sure

You could ask centrelink for a loan where they pay you a certain amount and you pay it bak through your FTB payments. One of my friends does it every year.

Or there are places that lend you bond loans. I can't think of any of their names but there are a few.

i would just ask work for a payment in advance. how long have you been working there. im sure if you explained what has happened and what the money is for they would be happy to do it. otherwise maybe ask family, explaining you will return it when you get your rebate back..

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