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hi all i am just wondering if anyone started out parenthood alone then got back with the babies father? my son is now 19 months old and in the past his dad has had minimal contact with us, now he has decided that he wants to be a part of our life and that he regrets not being around much as he has missed out on so much and that he wants to be around more, also that he is still inlove with me and would like to discuss the possiblity of getting back together. i am so confused about it all, it has all happened so fast and left me wondering why it all happened now. i do still love him always will as he gave me the most precious gift of all my son. we get along well, do you think things could actually work out or do you think we have left it too long to try again? im not about to rush into anything although he is coming down to stay for the weekend tommorow! what have i got myself in for???? any help advice would be great
Hello Michelle

you poor thing! you sound so confused, although I don't know exactly what you are going through the best advice I can give is listen to your heart. You do what you feel you want to do or not do. Maybe your ex has realised how much he misses you and his son and whatever he has done he wants to make it better (not taking sides just what it sounds like to me)

good luck with everything, and do what makes you happy you say you still love him do you still love him for the person you feel in love with or because he is your sons father?

I hope I have helped! if you want to email me my address is [email protected]

all the best and let us know how you go


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Hello Michelle

I have not been in your situation before either, but I do think you are wise not to rush into things. I am glad that you are open to perhaps making a new start with your baby's father, but you need to protect yourself too. It could also be very confusing for your son if Daddy was to be back full time and then maybe be gone again. If this is likely it would probably be best to play it cool for a while. You don't want two broken hearts to deal with, yours and your sons. I agree to follow your instincts and take it day by day. I really pray that things will work out for all of you. Regardless of your relationship with this man, you are forever tied together by your son. It would be great to work it out so that he is part of his life.

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My baby's father has never seen her. He became angry with me when i told him i was pregnant and i hadn't seen much of him, only the occasional time out shopping. Hannah's nearly 11 months old now and if her father ever tried that i would tell him to hit the road! I've done it on my own with no help from him financially or otherwise for this long, i can do it without him still. It's up to you, that's what i would do. But different situation, i guess, too. Her father pays minimum maintenance ($21 a month) which goes into a savings account for Hannah for when she's 21 and he wants nothing to do with us. He ignores us when he does see us out, which i don't understand. She's his daughter and he just turns his back on her, and that makes me angry so i would say take a hike.

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i feel so sorry for you JadeH.

i am a person who grew up without her dad and i think its made a huge difference in my life. he has seen me about 3 times i remember in 23 yrs this october.

he never made the effort and i was told when he did my step father made it difficult (which i didn't know)

its a great idea you're putting it into a savings account for her. what made you think of that?

i can understand you wanting to tell him to take i hike i would too if i was in your boots.

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