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Lovin' Britney Spears Rss


Prior to her havina a baby, I wasn't much of a Britney fan. I have to say though that I am loving her so much now.

Finally a celeb mum that DOESN'T look fabulous 2 days after giving birth.

Things I love about her

1. She wears little to No make up, because I mean who has the time?
2. If she does wear makeup it is 3 day old mascara that has run.
3. Her clothes don't match and look awkward. i.e she is too bloody tired to bother having a fabulous outfit on.
4. Her hair looks crap.

I just think she's a real mum. Or atleast as close to one as she can be!

Any thoughts?
oh damn! and i thought the 'messy look' was in!!! lol

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

yes i have found myself following the britney gossip, i think i relate and imagine that if it was my life splashed across the mags it would look pretty similar, you know, i too have had loser guys, always go out with my maternity bra showing, can't take a photo without my double chin wanting to be in it!!!
yay for britney.

mum of 3 girls

Is she really pregnant again?

I can't keep up with all the rumours??!!!

that might be true about having no time for make up etc but who in there right mind would drive down a freeway doing 80 miles an hour, that has lost my vote sorry to say my son is always in his car seat buckled up, which ii bet yours is to and if they weren't we would not get let off like she has.

yeah she's great! I was just thinking she should write a parenting manual. I think we could all learn a bit from her!
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