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After a rough 2 months Iam back Df went and got me mobile broadband!

As most of you know we were staying with mil for a while well things didnt work out, after an incident with her boyfrien we lost all trust in him with the kids and started avoiding him as much as we could he ended up cracking it and attacking my df while he was holding Dd, Tayah was knocked to the ground but wasnt hurt, df and mils boyfriend kept fighting I took the kidss out the front put them in the car and went back in by this time df had him in a choke hold telling him to calm down or else he wasnt letting go, when df let go mils boyfriend left before the police came, Mil slapped df across the face and told us to leave because apparently it was our fault the her boyfriend is a violent drop kick!

We are now staying with sis in law but are in the early stages of hopefully buying a house and land package!

We will never ever have anything to do with mil again she is dead to us now!

I went through a patch of depression and my weight has dropped down to 45 kilos Iam on strict instructions to get some of the weight back on!
The kids are doing great they are enjoying staying with their cousins but Kai will sometimes mention about how mils boyfriend tried to hurt Daddy (because he saw the start of the fight but other than that we are just happy to have somewhere to stay for now!!

Forgot to add we have had mils boyfriend charged!

Oh my God!
What a horrible situation to be in! Glad you and the kids are out of there!
Good luck with the new place smile

That sounds terrible for your family. I nhope you can have a great fresh start and forget the ugliness of the past
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