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would you say something????? Lock Rss

if a teachers aid called your child a sook because he started crying and wanted his mummy. she then called him a naughty boy for not stopping and told his sister and her friends to leave him alone as he is a baby.

(yes I am talking about Ayden and Anita)
Yes I would DEFINATELY say something! That is ridiculous!


A teachers aid especially, should not be saying things like that to a child.

Thats mean.

It has just upset me as this is his 2nd week of school and this aid is nasty
Yep i would. Thats unprofessional and there are many other ways she could have dealt with it.
Im a teacher and id never call a child a sook. She should of asked why he wanted mum and gone from there. Ive let kindy kids call mum before and its settled them.

Tell the class teacher and she what they say smile

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

That's terrible, something def needs to be said.
I have called the principal and told her and she wants to have a meeting today at 2:30 to discuss what happened.

I just thought maybe I had over reacted, but I guess I did the right thing.
I would talk to them about it for sure, that is not on. Labeling a child like that can really have a long lasting impact. I still remember what one early primary school teacher said to me more than 20 years ago...she called me 'statue' when we were playing softball because I used to suck at hitting the ball or I would miss it completely without even swinging at it. She also told me in front of my Mother that it was lucky I was pretty because she didn't think I was very smart! Way to make a child feel good about themselves....My Mum ripped it up her and she never spoke another ill word about me again (at least not in my earshot,lol) While I don't suggest going on the attack I do believe you need to discuss this with the aide and make sure it does not happen again.

(((HUGS))) to Ayden
Yes I would! That is demeaning to the child and to say it infront of others as well.

Thanks girls, it's good to know that I am doing the right thing. Thanks again
You're definitely doing the right has the right to say something like that to any child. Personally I would have gone in and ripped her a new one but that's just me LOL.

I'd request that the teacher aide be present at your meeting with the Principal too so she can't try and change her story if he talks to her seperately.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

A teacher or a teacher aide are not allowed to belittle or 'name call' the kids.

She has a hard job to do and it can be very stressful too but that doesn't excuse it.

Don't get worked up either. State your case calmly to have it resolved or you may end up being labelled one of 'those!' mothers!

I hope the issue is dealt with...
Best of luck!

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