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  5. DH and I bought a house today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DH and I bought a house today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

check it out : our new house

few years down the track, the carpet gets ripped up (the carpet looks like original stuff i.e. tacky, thin and EEEW), then we put down floorboards- YAY.

and the very best thing, not much more needs to be done to it, and apparently its so cheap. still a buttload of dollars to me. DH reckons he'll get it paid off in 8yrs (ish,) bit of wishful thinking to my mind, though he'll have hell to pay if he doesn't after a promise like that.
[Edited on 24/02/2009]
Congratulations! It looks lovely and big. I've definately seen worse carpet than that!

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

looks like it is nice and open plan Sam ...that is fantastic !!!!

It will have taken us 7.5 years to pay ours off in total so it can be done ...and jono earns medium money !!

good on ya honey will have to have a carpet trashing party ....dirty filthy stuff it is !! lol lol lol lol
Congrats on your purchase. Looks pretty tidy. I'd probably edit the address out though.
Congratulations! What a fantastic big backyard, they don't do those anymore. Well done!!
Congratulations. It's a great feeling to buy your first house

Wooohooo Congratulations how exciting smile]

I love it so big.

wow congrats!! its really nice - i love the big flat back yard, thats what i want!!

i am waiting to move me and my partner and 2 kids out of this 1 bedroom flat we live in... your house looks like heaven on earth to me haha

congrats on your wonderful purchase.

Congratulations! It's nice and roomy and a great back yard. It's very cheap compared to prices over here at the moment. I think you have a great buy there.

oh my god, its HUGE and looks soooooo lovely! its only a little more then we paid for this place, and it was disgusting when we got it (as someone on here said, unlivable)

by the way, HOW do you pay it off so soon????? we have been here a year, and only managed to pay about 2000 off the principle amount

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