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Naming day ceremony Rss


Just wondering if any of you great mums.. (yes I am sucking up!) have any poems or ceremony information which you might be able to email me regarding naming day.

I think we are going to go this way vs a christening as both myself and my husband arent overly religious and i would not feel right doing the church christening.

But i dont even know where to start!

thanks in advance

We have had a Naming Day for our first DS. We contacted our local Marriage Celebrant and they have some ceromonies that you can choose from or they will help you create your own.

We light a candle during our wedding ceromony so we incorporated that same candle and the lighting of in in the naming ceromony.

Hope this will help a little.


Jan, Tas, 4yr and 2yr Boys

hi there
im holding a naming ceremony for my son in 3 weeks i looked through the yellow pages and found a local celebrant most say if they do namings or not and you will find alot say they do them but when you ring they dont do them anymore try to find as many on the net as possible because they may have a photo of themselves and sample services (that where i got all my ideas) the more you go through the more poems and ideas youll get
im paying $250 for my celebrant (pricey i know)
but the only other person was a 60 yr old lady with beer bottle glasses who stuck to the service she designed and that was it plus it lasted 10 min and costs $100
the celebrant im using designed the day for us he will be there about 20 min we are having candles lit by parents and godparents, reading from family members, certificates for godparents and grandparents ,guest speaches ,balloon release,music if we want what ever you can think of
i hope i turns out great but i think im doing the right think the celebrant was great when we met him
but i felt if we didnt like him when we met him it would have been very hard to decline him plus we payed a booking deposit so find someone you think you like before you have an appointment with them
im on north brisbane
hope this helps
if you need more

Logan 02/02/06 - Sarah 29/05/07

Is it for a son or daughter, I had a naming day for my son and one coming up for my daughter, on April 22.
I will e-mail you a poem we will use for my daughter, which I changed some of the words from my son' poem....along the same lines.
Hope this helps, my hubby and I aren't religious and found this poem great becase it brings some of how we grew up back into life.
The original is called keeping the dream alive, from John Laws book of irrelevnt logic. You might be able to google this if you have a boy.
Let me know if you like it!

Mummy of 2, and NO MORE!!!

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