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We spend all that money on toys and they only want to play with.... Rss


For 2 weeks now the favourite toys in our house are coloured plastic pegs. The packet didnt even make the clothes line, now im forever picking up pegs! They are even starting to fight over them!

Anyone elses children have weird items they use as toys?

My kids also love the beaters of my mixer, Brayden uses them as microphones!

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Neena loves scissors, i am constantly picking up little peices of paper that she cuts and puts in plastic containers and feeds to her dolls and teddies, and she loves the tongs!? ("the snappers!")

Funny isn't it!

Sare, DD1 1.03, DD2 4.06, DS edd 6.07

I learnt my lesson with our first child, she had every toy going,but hardly played with them...

so now my son only has a handful of toys,yet he still prefers to play with the remote control,and yes pegs keep him amused while I hang out the washing, also empting out my cupboards are a favourite past time of his......

Who needs Fisherprice!!!!!!....

kaz QLD,14.05.98 girl,05.07.05 boy....

Empty formula tins. DD loves to use them like a drum. Also loves remote controls and mobile phones, so we gave her our old ones, yet she still wants ours!!
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