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Listen......quickly... Rss


Absolutely bucketing down. Lightning, thunder, the works.
We haven't had rain like this in a very long time..

Kenz and I are home watching The Hephalump moving and kacking ourselves laughing, and I am hoping Dh is on his way home for a motorbike ride in the bush. One would think he'd have enough sense to come home at least.

Have a lovely afternoon girls smile]
Perfect weather for a DVD

Enjoy your arvo smile
Thanks, we are lol

I have even just had a cup of tea and we made the chocholate mug cake - very little mess which is great! lol
It's 36 here. I'd love some rain and there's a low forming so maybe next week wink
The temp is about 30, so it is yucky and steamy. The rain has stopped but we've still go thinder and lightning. I just pray it doesdn't start any more fires.

Dh (read dckhead) has just phoned for me to check the radar....he thinks it'll pass. So, they are going riding. Grrrrr

It has been raining here since this morning and it is wonderful to see the rain pouring down. Just hope it does dry a bit for our concrete to be poured on Monday though.

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