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I have decided to chuck in a vegie garden, people keep telling me certain things grow really well up here - I must agree it's doing wonders for the size of my thighs. So now I want to know who gardens with their kids? What do they do? Hit me with all of your experiences please. BTW she is two - but very advanced. lmao
if you plant cherry toms, don't plant a lot, we only planted 3 and they have overrun all the other veies, you can't kill the damn things, no matter how hard you try, so warning not to go overboard! they are gteat for little hands to pick though..
We've just started a vege patch. Blake helped DH build it! He helps dig holes for the plants and put them in,and loves planting seeds.

He's a bit impaitent though...i told him that we could eat the things in the garden when they get big, and every day he points out to me that they are bigger (everything is growing amazingly quickly) and wants to know if we can eat them.

he helps me water them, feed the worms and put the worm tea on the plants. He quite likes our worms.

We just planted flowers yesterday too as when we were out getting more lettuce he decided we needed flowers,
my gardening is filing up the greenwaste bin every 2 weeks. haha
ds can broom very well, he can rake but doesnt quite work, he can snap small twigs, uses a dust pan.

im sure your daughter can dig little holes, plant vegies, help you water them. and pick them when they are ready

my dd is 2.5 and she helps with gardening, she usually has gardening gloves on and has a little spade and turns the soil for me. she also has her own little watering can and helps with watering.

Takes the weeds to the bin for me.

she loves it because she is outside and being a big girl.
Hey R
We have a vegie patch, although it is a bit barren ATM because of the hot weather!
We would get Gemma to help fill the pots with soil, put the seed in and then cover it up, then water it with her little watering can. For direct sowing in the garden we would do the same.
We are going to start up again ready for the cooler months later in April. Start the cherry tomatoes up again (she hates tommys but loves seeing them grow and picking them)
Zuchinni grow well, preferably in a semi shaded area. We have capsicum plants, but they are only getting so far before the sun affects them too, so we need to rig up some shadecloth.
We put in a banana palm in late Dec and it is now 2 metres high!
Chinese vegies go OK, beans, spring onions, silverbeet, pumpkin... but mostly when the weather begins to cool a bit.
Good luck, hope you have fun!

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We have just made a fairy garden with the girls. lol it tested DH's patience at times. We planted a mix of seeds and seedlings so that the girls could experience planting seeds and watching them grow and the seedlings are to give them an instant garden of sorts because we all know how impatient children can be,lol. The girls love going out to check and see how it is going. We pinch the new flowers off each day too (to give the plants a chance to extablish) so they love collecting them too. We go out in the early morning and late afternoon to 'garden'. The girls want to water the flowers so I have those mini plastic watering cans for them to sprinkle the flowers with.

No advice really except have fun and take photos so you can see how your garden grows.

Thanks! Tan I have been told rockmelons, watermelons and cucumbers grow well here. Was that the rantings of a drunk or is it true?
where's here? i think as long as you prepare your garend (manure, good soil, blood n bone etc) most things will grow....but things like that do grow pretty easy...maybe try strawberries too?

Probably better in the winter too....summer is probably a time to give the garden a miss in the hotter climes.
Far north WA Tam. Sorry that other post was directed to Gemmagirl. lol
To be honest we have never tried those 3 as Gem doesnt like any of them, Hubby wont eat rocky or cuey, and watermelon always ends up going to slush in our fridge when I do buy it as no one seems to want it then! I have heard that the smaller cueys go well though, and you can grow them in a large pot and have them climbing!
We have a shadehouse that is soon going to be pulled down and hopefully a bigger garden put in.
Im looking forward to getting a few more veg in, might save a few $$$ again this winter!
Edit add: Go out to Tash's Nursery in early May. Her garden looks great out there and she is really good on what grows well up here. She had a couple of nice looking watermelon in her garden last year. She also sells a really good variety of seeds there also. Just ask her - the one big straw hat - she has all the answers!
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DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

I buy vege plants and flowers for the girls, they are too impatient for seeds. They like to put on gloves and dig/hack at the dirt. I fenced of an area for their garden annd the rest is all mine!!
Lily is 2 and usually likes to sit and eat the dirt but hey what can you do? lol

Yesterday Brooke ran up to me excitedly at was like "look mum look mum, its a wiggly wiggly worm" she dropped it into my hand and No it wasn't a worm it was a maggot!

My garden is being trashed so badly at the moment by our dogs, at least they are having fun, I just wish the puppy wouldn't eat my plants! I'll see if I can find a photo for you.

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