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Please tell me there is hope. Rss

My cousin is 19 weeks pregnant after 4 years of trying then finally having to do ivf due to her tubes being blocked.

Well last night her waters broke. She is still in hospital.. Baby is still inside. Thats the only info I have.
What are the chances of bubs staying in for a while longer till its safe to come out. What is going to happen?

I feel so sad for them.

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

There is hope. Just pray bubby stays put atleast until 24weeks as that is when they class a pretrm as viable

Hugs NEss

oh no. i honestly have no idea.

could it just be her hindwaters? they can repair themselves, but if its full waters i dont think they fix themselves.

but i hope the very best for her and the little baby. stay inside little one.

I so hope it was her hind waters. All I got told was her waters broke..

All my fingers and toes are crossed for her..

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

the best place for her is hospital. so they will do all they can. i really hope the best for her little baby.

All the best to your cousin. I hope everything turns out ok
Oh no, im not trying to scare you, but ive been there and it never ended pretty. My second pregnancy (first baby passed) my waters broke at 19 weeks too, they had me in hospital and antibiotics to stop infection. If ur cousin gets an infection the body will automatically go into labour, thats what happened to me at 20 weeks+4days (baby passed). Is ur cousin taking antibiotics??
Sorry im not trying to make you feel like theres no hope cause there is, every one is different and every pregnancy is different and i had an incompetent cervix which started the whole thing, they put a stitch in, but my waters kept leaking. I do hope all goes well. If she can hod on til 24 weeks bub should be ok. If you need to ask any questions im here
There is hope as I have a friend who last year this happened to her and from 16 weeks she was in hospital and they did a stitch but she was still losing fluid.

She had her miracle baby at 25 weeks and he is nearly 7 months old today. So I prayer that you friend's baby is as strong as my friend's baby was and is.

Thanks heaps guys thats all i wanted to hear that there is some hope.. I know everyone is different and there is chance bubs might not make it but I didnt know if there was any chance at all..

Please please please let this be good for them.. I have my plane ticket booked for sep when bubs would of been about 4 weeks old. I pray that I still get to go over and hold thier miracle.

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

I pray that all will be well with this baby. There are no guarantees, but babies in utero at this gestation - with the same thing do survive
I wish them well, they have a long hard road ahead in making baby stay put.
I dont' have any knowledge or experience sorry, but just wanted to say that I really hope there is a happy ending for this bubba. They will be in my thoughts! Please let us know how she goes?

babies are tough little buggers ....keep positive and stay strong !! ...strnager things have happened !!

all the best and I sincerly hope this all works out and you gt to use that plane ticket for what it was inteded for !
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