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Nuchal Scan? Rss

Mine is booked for tuesday, I went to the Dr's today and while I was there asked for a referal for the blood test that they do at the same time, The Dr told me that they do it at the raidiology place when the scan is done?

Does that sound right? When I had J I had blood taken at a different place....
Mine were done a few weeks apart, at different places - but I had my last baby in 2007... Maybe things have changed???
Mine were done together- but it was at the hospital so there was a little corner in the ultrasound place set up to do the bloods
Both times I have had the test a few working days before hand.
I had first bloods almost three weeks before the first scan dating scan/nuchal scan. Dr gave me forms for the bloods and when I organised a mw she sent me the form for the dating scan.

I'm in NZ so may be different?
I thought you had to have the blood done a week before the scan... bloods at 10weeks then the scan between 11-12???

I had mine done less than a week before the scan. The results needed to be at the imaging clinic in time for the scan results. As they combine results for a risk factor.
But maybe if you get them both done on the same day, you just won't get your results on the spot. May have to wait a day or two.

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If I remember right you are in the Penrith area like me? I had the same thing GP referred me and said they do both and I thought it was weird that they do it at the same place
but what happened with me is after the scan they gave me the referral to get the bloods done at a nearby blood testing place so the results would go to them

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