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I gave birth to my DD on Saturday and I am really suffering with haemorrhoids, can anyone give me any advice how to make myself more comfortable, I couldnt sleep last night, because they are hurting so much. I can hardly walk. It is making it very difficult to look after the kids.

Please Please help me.

from Sharyn

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have you tried Rectinol cream? You can buy it at the chemist.

Oh and congrats on the arrival of your DD smile

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Sorry I forgot to add, I did use rectinol cream without the applicator so I got my Dp to go to the chemist and he got soov it cream, which I used the applicator. It doesnt seem to be helping me. Im in so much pain, sore bum and now sore nipples, I feel like crying. It is driving me crazy.

DS 3/3/00 DS 1/9/01 DD 28/7/03 DD 25/4/09

In the shower try washing with Pinetarsol gel, it can help with inflammation and itching. You can also get Anusol wipes for using after the toilet, and perhaps a stool softener like Coloxyl for a few days to help make going to the loo more comfortable. As the PP said Rectonol is good as it contains an anaesthetic, or Rectinol in combination with Proctosedyl ointment. I really hope you can get some relief, maybe some Panadol before bed to help with the discomfort too?

Have you thought about going to the doctors. I did and i got a prescription cream and all gone in 2 days. Relief straight away also. Embarrassing but all worth it lol. Hope it clears up for you real soon chasing after 4 kiddies.
Thanks for the congrats, she is such a blessing, its just a shame, she had to come with the pain ouch. It is making things very difficult to look after her. Thank God, for my beautiful partner who is helping so much.

I will go to the chemist tomorrow to get all the products suggested. Does a heatpad help or would it irritate them more?

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forget rectinol, or anusol. go to the pharmacy and get some Proctosedyl, it will numb as well as get rid of the inflammation. Costs about $10 a tube, you will need to ask the pharmacist.

You can freeze water in condoms, or fingers of gloves, and wrap it in an old hankie/cloth, and place against the hemorrhoid - ther will provide reief.

Salt baths help

Water intake between 2-3 litres a day,
high fibre - metamucil will help - but if you dont drink enough, can block you up more...

if I think of anything else I will add on...
As difficult as it might be...go into the chemist yourself and describe the pain you are getting etc, as much as you can!
Try to go at a QUIET time of the day cos you don't want people listening in!!! LOL I remember how embarrassed I was when it happened to me!

I can't remember what they gave me, but I had to use an applicator and I felt so awkward using it. It didn't work straight away for me, but after a few applications it was relief. I stopped using it and it would flare up a week or so later and when i used it again, instant relief! Use the maximum they suggest and to the hour they suggest it...don't think you are ok and wait that extra hour or so...or you will regret it later!

I know when I went to the chemist they asked heaps of questions, which my DH didn't know when I sent him in first. So i am glad i went in, no matter how embarrassed, blushing cheeks is much better then a sore bum! just getting there is the problem!

Good luck with the ouches!
I might have to go to the doctors, I didnt realise they could get so bad, sorry if this is going too far, but it feels like my whole bum is hanging out. The midwife at the hospital said to pop them back in, that is impossible.

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If you don't get on top of it, they can turn into fissures, and you can bleed.

try the chemist but with you going in (my chemist didn't want to give my DH the stuff but he really insisted cos when it happened to me i was struggling with breastfeeding etc and really didn't want to leave the house) you will be able to explain properly.
If that doesn't work, definitely go to the dr. And i mean if it doesn't work in a day or 2 max...don't wait a week!
I think if your that bad, go to the docs straight away. Dont waste money on creams that may not work. My cream was expensive from doc but worked straight away and 3 months later have not had 1 occurance.
Thanks so much girls. I think they are already starting to bleed. I might go and ice my bum now and pray for some relief.

DS 3/3/00 DS 1/9/01 DD 28/7/03 DD 25/4/09

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