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Anyone elses child never stop eating?

DD1 (2yr old) seems to eat non-stop, people comment on it all the time thats how bad it is!
She's within normal weight range (on the lower side infact)
ive checked her diet, she's eating healthy and filling foods and she doesnt have worms.
She is always whinging for food and when reminded that she has just eaten she'll whinge louder!

Is it just a behaviour thing that most go through or is she just a bottom-less pit with hollow legs?

My DD is the same, although we have nicknamed her pudge the Penguin & she looks chubby she is still well within healthy height & weight range but constantly eating- anywhere btw 4-5 pieces of fruit per day, bowls of museli, 2 sandwiches, heaps of rice crackers, cheese , youghurt & then a full dinner with her 5 serves of vegies.

Its all healthy, she would be huge otherwise. One thing I've learnt is she has a really fast digestive system, a little TMI but I can give her a distinctive food & less than 3 hours later see it in the potty.

Dr tells me its all fine, thats just the way she was built

Sounds like she has been blessed with a fast metabolism lucky girl (not so lucky for you as your food bill will be huge lol)

I know some kids who have huge appetites and others who don't. As long as you have discounted 'worms' and she is happy, healthy and within healthy weight range I wouldn't worry.
My 3yr old is exactly the same. It doesn't matter where she is she just wants food all the time.
We have nicknamed her Olly (as in Oliver lol) or GG (as in garbage guts lol)
DD is the same she never stops

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