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  5. ok, i dont care if you all hate me after this but

ok, i dont care if you all hate me after this but Lock Rss

you lot started critisizing moo and ripping into her WAY before she started causing trouble in here!!!

just back off for one bloody minute!!!!!

she originally came on here for support! some of you think its stupid that someone relys on a website so much but SOME PEOPLE DONT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE!!!! she came in here for support and help and advise and just got shit on because SOME of you didnt want to hear anymore about her life story!!

yes, she has acted inapropriatly lately on here but WHY YOU ASK???? well, how about you go back and think about the way you treated her when she REALLY needed some help and support!!!!

you think she needs to grow up? how about you ALL need to grow up!!!

moo is my friend and i proudly say that! she lives on the other side of the country but she is a bloody good friend!!!! and a bloody good mother! what a lot of you said about her parenting skills was disgusting!!! and yes she questioned yours! but why? cos you did it to her!!!!

open your eyes and think about how much you lot have affected her!!! stop being so frekin ignorant!!!!

i am not justifying some of the things she said.... but what was said to her was equally vulgar!!

so there, i said my piece! i havnt been on hugs in sooooo long but i had to come back to SUPPORT my friend!! cos thats what she needs and thats all she ever wanted from you lot!!!!
thanks babe!!! luv ya!

i wouldnt bother with them tho lisa, they make their minds up about ppl long before anything happens
ok, so i had the no so priveldge of seeing this all unfold the other night, what a welcome to huggies for me.

firstly,from what i read, moo courty does not need anyone to come and post for her on here, she can stand up for herself very much, and doesnt need a hand from anyone.

secondly - unless you yourself read everything, you cant really comment. if she was coming on here for advice or support, she went the wring way about it. my account is brand spanking new, even though i have been been on here lurking since my son was born, i never actually opened an account, and not once has anyone gven me and flack about being a 'troll' or the like - maybe because i havent came on here starting trouble?

it opened my eyes very much the other night and i got a good insight into a lot of members on here. moo courty is not one that i would of tried to fordge a friendship with, and some of the othere members which whom she was arguing with are in the same category as her.

some people have too much time on their hands to study to t&c, to make troll accounts and alot have perfect parent syndrome if you ask me.

I don't hate you after reading that...I don't know you to feel any strong emotion about you...just like I don't know or feel anything for or about the majority of people on this forum. That sounds harsh when I read it but it is true. There are some people on here I genuinely think of fondly and care about, people who are the reason I come back on here at all, to share their journeys, to keep in some sort of contact even if it is just reading what they are up to or having a chat via PM's....the other members....meh some annoy the crap out of me (and I'm sure for some the feeling is mutual,lol). TBH Moo has been one of the members that at time have annoyed me but I do not wish her any ill or think about her really.

After saying all that...

I am glad Moo has a friend like you to support her and help her.

I hope Moo finds the support and friendship she is looking for.....I just don't think it will be here in general due to others actions and feelings about her as well as her own actions and feelings toward others.
hi i to give my full support to both of these ladies both amanda and bella**oscar are both lovely ladies in there own right and i owe both of them a lot you were both here to support me when i needed help the most as a lot of ladies on here supported me and i in turn want to support you all as well. amanda i think your wonderful person and a great mum and the same for you bella** oscar your just so kind and lovely you both have my full support. hugs from fe

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men

Ok i havnt seen the troll thing and briefly read the "her owning up" thread, but i had no intrest in anything that was being said as i had aleady made up my mind.

Some time ago she made comment about children with disabilities and there fore i have no time for any thing coming from her weather it be good or bad.

Yes people had a go, but in the land of huggies dont say anything if you dont expect to cop it back, people here have very long memories, i should know lol lol
Not sure what went on but you back Moo Country every time when something like this brews.

Like others have said she is big enough and wise enough to stand her own ground.

If it was support she wanted Im sure she could of got more valuable help away from a PUBLIC Forum.

Not hard to come back if she really wants to bad enough as you dont need to use you ISP provider so therefore she just opens up another yahoo or hotmail account..


Moo has dug her own hole on here MANY times, but meh, just like many others on here, she is insignificant to me.
I was around on Saturday night, I left fairly quickly as I could see it was going to get silly. The thread started yesterday by Moo clearly showed she was enjoying stirring people up. I'll probably sound as harsh as Dee here but quite frankly I had no idea about any of the stuff being brought up about her post history as I have never really interacted with her and had no idea about any of it. All she has done in the last few days is show that she enjoys stirring. Maybe she needs a break ffrom here, I took one last year when I was going feral due to personal issues, she certainly hasn't endeared herself to me over the last few days. As for hating you - why would that be a necessary thing to say? You are entitled to your opinion and are well aware that many will disagree with it and tell you so. To say "hate me" is a little too emotive for the situation really.
I don't know you, I don't know Moo. So personally I couldn't give a flying fluck about either of you. Yes Moo used to piss me off with her constant complaining, but I never said anything because I thought "hey, she might need this to get out of bed in the morning". But when she made the comments she did about disabled children, you deserve all the crap people can throw at you.

whatever. How bout you all use bugaboos antistress method up there, would work a treat for many of you!!


i see words but all i understand is blah blah blah

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