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Finding out your baby's sex... Lock Rss

with ds i found out boy at 20 week scan
this one at 12 week she said boy but it had to be confirmed at 20 week and it said boy aswell, i'll let you know next month lol
I didnt find out with number 1 but the other 3 i did find out and they were all right.

I found out at 19 weeks that I was having a girl, but I knew it anyway. The ultrasound operator never gave me a %, she just said 'it's a girl'. I didn't question her because the way she said it. She sounded sure.

but your operator wasn't 100% so maybe go and get another one before buying girlie stuff, just in case.
Thanks for the replies!

Guess I won't go crazy on the girly gear just yet!
Although, I do think she is a girl.
My ultrasound lady said 80% sure it was a girl and i said to her... 'so can i buy girl things?' and she said 'I cant say definately but I would' and i went crazy buying girl things then thought to myself..hrmm maybe i shouldnt've but i ended up having a girl then anyway!!

So with Lilli we got the same, only a 80% guess. We then tried to look again at 30wks, but she was not showing anyone, lol. However i still did go buy all pink things. However i do know so many that have been told girl, then hello, out comes a boy.

But this time, hahah. We have a girl great potty shot:
bubba girl shot
Have a look anyway, my poor darling.

I got my scan and I asked the lady the sex of my baby and she paused and said she would have to get someone more experienced, the guy walks in takes one little look and says thats definately a little girl in their. So he took about a 3 second look and told me.

Posted by: PurplePolkaDots
With DS1 they were wrong. We had the sonographer tell us that they were 80% sure we were having a girl. Being our first baby, we still took it as gospel and shopped up big for pink. Was quite a shock a few months later when he was born, LOL.

same thing here except our sonographer told us that bub was a girl, end of story.

with #2 i could see for myself that he was a boy
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