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What is THE most prized posession you have... and why is it so important to you... Lock Rss

Mine would have to be a photogragh of DD#1 holding my neice who sadly passed away minutes later. I look at that photo every night when I put my girls to bed and whisper goodnight. Its a sad memory but Im glad I have it.


Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

Mine would have to be a small white handbag my grandma gave to me when i was 8. It was my first ever handbag and my mum wouldnt let me have one, so my grandma bought me one. It didnt fit but i still wore it everywhere and i still have it. She passed away shortly after this so i treasure it.
wow what a hard one to answer as most of the things kept in my house are kept for some sentimental reason. I think I would be most shattered if all my photos were taken (as in all the old non tech ones).

mine is my dress my fav aunty kerry made me when i was 5 thats 25 years ago and i still hav it she passed almost 10years ago now and she was the greatest aunty in da world really got down and dirty with ya did cooking stuff like that that my mum didnt do with me so thats my prize possession hehe i miss her soo much
Mine are a brooch that my Nanna left me that her Uncle maded for her when she was 18 and she want me to wear it on my wedding day which i did.
And my 3 rings that hubby has given me and the cross he gave me that i told him that i like.
And photos of my Nanna i have them around my home, so i can look at her and remember everything about her.

I have a teddy that my dad gave me when I was born called Ted Bear, he all flat and his eyes have fallen off a few times but i still have him, although he is packed away in the shed I think.

I wear a necklace my dad bought from Singapore when he and mum were on their honeymoon, its got a picture of a dragon on the front and inscribed on the back says Singapore 10/1/1980 so he got it 2 years before I was even born.

My boys baby albums.

My diary's, still to this day i write in a diary, I love looking back at my kids milestones and seeing what we did for our anniversary's and things like that, not to mention how we got through some tough times.

WOW - what a great question

photos of loved ones - momentoes from concerts, plays etc

I have my grand mothers wedding ring - my mum gave it to me on my 13th birthday (my grand mother died 6 years before i was born)

My grand fathers war medal. my uncle had it and gave it to me shortly before he died of cancer.

A necklace my best friend gave me for my 16th birthday. He died shortly after in a car accident.

My dad had done alot of work in my house (replacing walls, painting etc) before he died

I have realise all things i prize (apart from family) are from people who have died sad

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My teddy bear, Bluey (yes he's blue) that I've had since I was born.

Technically this 2nd item isn't mine yet, but supposedly my dad will be giving me his mother's wedding ring when he feels ready to part with it. I'm named after her, and I've named my DD after her, and dad and I have had a lot of tough times, so when he decides (or if he still decides I guess) to hand it on to me, it will be even more special to me.
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